A Natural And Safe Treatment For Mental Disorders And Unbearable Symptoms

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I was looking for psychotherapy through dream translation when I was a young adult and I became a mother. I couldn’t imagine that my psychotherapy through dream translation was my purpose in life, but I could recognize this truth when I found it.

I became mentally healthy thanks to dream therapy, especially after discovering that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind. I understood that I had to help the world understand the value of this psychotherapeutical method. It happened not only because I was intelligent enough to understand the importance of my discoveries, but because God showed me that I had to transmit my knowledge to the world.

Since then, I stopped being a writer. I had to become a doctor. Instead of writing beautiful poems I had to be a hero into practice, and deal with terror.

God made me study the abnormal behavior that characterizes the mentally ill and understand the meaning of absurdity. I became one-thousand-years-old, even though I seemed to be only 29-years-old at that time.

I had to help my patients stop being desperate. I worked hard curing many people during nineteen years, before being able to publish my first scientific book.

My work couldn’t be theoretical. Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation had to be simplified in order to have practical value. Everyone had to follow a few simple steps to find sound mental health, without so many complications. I became extremely objective.

I’m still an artist, but now everything I write always is important and serious. I’m always giving explanations and lessons.

I helped many people without payment. I was giving support to my patients like a nun, and not like a cold doctor. This is why I was with them in the worst moments of their lives.

I became so religious that I stated giving lessons to nuns and priests. After six years of atheism and a few years of doubts without really believing in God, I became very religious when I found scientific proof of His existence thanks to the information I had in dreams.

My old friends were surprised when they saw that I became a missionary. My religiosity was not expected by anyone. Everybody knew that I was atheist when I was young, after suffering from a tragic car accident. They also knew that I was indifferent and lazy.

I stopped being selfish and distant. I paid attention to other people’s problems.

Everyone around me believed that I was silly because I was so generous instead of being as selfish as I could. I was a hero without support or recognition. My materialistic family despised my sacred mission.

Today many people are glad because of my obedience to the unconscious guidance. They admire my persistence besides all obstacles, dangers, and humiliations.

I didn’t doubt for a second that I had to defend God’s existence and prove to the world that everyone must obey the divine guidance in dreams. This is why I was so persistent.

I wouldn’t have the courage to deal with so many problems if the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung wasn’t so important. This method helps you understand God’s words in dreams. Its importance is not only psychological.

God sends us secret messages in dreams when we are not listening to our evil anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience. After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience I could clarify all the obscure points in Carl Jung’s work. Everything started making sense.

On the other hand, my life biography was marked by many tragic experiences and the death of many people who were close to me, when they young. This fact made me care about the meaning of death. I had to find answers for all questions.

My life biography also was marked by my father’s schizophrenic behavior, which I used to observe without being able to understand his reactions. He was very cruel with everyone. Fortunately, with me he was an angel because I looked like him and I was very intelligent when I was a child.

Besides my father’s example, I was shocked by the fact that one of my best friends from the time we were teens became psychotic and completely lost his identity when he became a young adult. My friend Arnold started following a useless treatment with a psychiatrist, which was based on medication. After following this painful treatment that didn’t help him in any way for five years, he put an end to his own life.

His example showed me the tragedy I would have to deal with. I had the obligation to help those who end up like my mentally ill friend.

Many people feel that their life was ruined by psychiatric medication. They feel that they don’t have a functioning brain because of their doctor’s mistakes. They also have tremors and many other unbearable symptoms, which were caused by dangerous medication that shouldn’t be allowed.

I had to become a psychiatrist and psychologist through dream translation and help many people who had no chances to overcome their mental illness, in order to prove to the world the effectiveness of this treatment. Everyone found sound mental health thanks to the divine guidance. When they didn’t cooperate relating their dreams, I had a series of dreams about their case.

Dream translation is a natural and safe treatment for mental disorders and unbearable symptoms. The unconscious psychotherapy in dreams cures your psyche with comprehension. This is the only treatment you can trust because it is based on wisdom and sanctity, and not on dangerous suppositions.

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