Adult Stem Cell Production Surges with Micronutrient Supplementation

Adult Stem Cell Production Surges with Micronutrient Supplementation

Turn on the news, open a newspaper – in today’s age a person can’t do either without running into news relating to stem cell research and the controversy surrounding stem cell proliferation. Stem cells have been made out to be the panacea for regenerating and repairing of the human body. Stem cells are known for their ability to change into any other type of cell the body requires at the time. A liver cell? No problem. A bicep cell. Done.

It’s no wonder the research community would like to find out how to increase the body’s natural production of stem cells from the bone marrow where they are made. In a 2003 article from the Journal of the American Medical Association, a group of researchers from John Hopkins Medical Center released a study that donor stem cells had been found to have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier. Their next question was could these stem cells help to correct problems in the brain by changing themselves into the defective brain cells and to promote the growth of new neurons?

At the same time in a separate field of study- nutrition – Dr. McDaniel from the Fischer Institute had been trying to understand how many patients with neurological disorders began showing improved brain function after their diets were supplemented with glyconutrients and other micronutrients.

The next logical step after this observation was to determine if, in fact, the glyconutrients had anything to do with increasing the production of stem cells. If this could be proved true, as it seemed to be, it would mean that with a diet supplemented with glyconutrients, a person’s body would be capable of creating more stem cells. These stem cells with their inherent knowledge of where they are needed, would head to the brain to promote growth of new neurons to replace the damaged and defective neurons there. In time, this could mean increased and improved brain function in patients suffering from many neurological disorders.

Currently, the scientific community is conducting studies to prove this correlation. However, for those looking for answers now, take a look at the individual cases studies where numerous people have found that by adding glyconutrients to their diet they have been able to better their neurological brain function. One study, conducted by Dr. McDaniel, appears to support the theory that glyconutrients dramatically boost adult stem cell production.

To add to the need for further rigorously conducted studies on glyconutrients, several smaller studies have found that when glyconutrients are added to the diet, for unknown reasons, they tend to cause adult stem cell production to increase up to 300 times. Take for example that a normal pint of blood has 1 adult stem cell while a pint of blood from a person supplemented with glyconutrients has 300 stem cells. The implications of this are far reaching and much more study is warranted.

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