Affairs and Personality Disorders – 5 Signs the Affairs Might Not Be All That is Wrong, Part 2

Affairs can do irreparable damage to a relationship. There is certainly hope of the relationship surviving and improving, but it requires recommitment of the part of both parties and work to re-establish trust, increase accountability, and improve communication. However, when infidelity is repetitive, seems compulsive, and/or your partner has a sense of being entitled to behave how he or she wants, the opportunity to create a happy union is denied. Sometimes, this kind of unfaithfulness can indicate a more deeply rooted problem in the cheater – personality disorders such as narcissism and sociopathy/psychopathy can show themselves in a variety of signs and these can include infidelities. Here are the last 5 of 9 signs of a personality disorder such as narcissism and sociopathy in your partner:

1.      Conning, lies, and manipulations. Your partner may have no hesitation in lying to others for personal gain.

2.      Grandiose sense of self worth. In the narcissist, this is coupled with an intense desire for praise and admiration, and service by others. There is often a haughty attitude and an expectation that he or she will receive preferential treatment.

3.      Idealized types of thinking. This is common to narcissists. He or she may have fantasies about absolute power, beauty, and brilliance. You may be put up on a pedestal initially; then devalued and discarded suddenly as your perfect supply of praise and service is interrupted in the narcissist’s mind.

4.      A sense that the rules of society simply don’t apply to him or her. He or she may feel above the regular crowd and behave as if she or he simply doesn’t have to obey or conform to social norms.

5.      A tendency toward violent behavior. Some personality disordered individuals take the impulse control problem into the physical realm, and act out in violent ways.

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