Breathing For Weight Loss – Top Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

It is quite an interesting fact that breathing can help you lose fat. Actually, breathing properly can help you to burn fat even in a better manner than the workouts. According to some research deep inhalation can effectively burn 140{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} of calories. Weight loss is directly proportional to the increased rate of metabolism. In this process also due to deep inhalation you breathe in oxygen which effectively increases the metabolism and flushes out the toxins from your body.

* Top Breathing Exercises for Weight Loss:

– First, develop a habit to guide your body to the so called deep inhalation procedure. For this process you can opt for walking, jogging etc.

– Secondly, yoga can be the best option which would help you to adopt the best breathing techniques.

– Thirdly, the simplest thing that one can be adopted is to start inhalation properly. Try to take out some minutes from your busy schedule and practice to breathe properly either in the laying down or standing straight position. Deeply ‘belly breathe’ yourself to ensure large quantities of oxygen enter your body. After that, hold your breathe for sometime and then exhale out the air through your mouth or through a straw.

* Breathing Techniques for Weight Loss

Stressful situations rarely offer us the time to spare and to think what is going on within our bodies. Thus, we suffer from unhealthy state of mind. In fact, the psychological function which gets enormously affected by the so called stress is our inhalation. In other words proper breathing is very necessary to enhance the metabolism rate and to cleanse the inner systems of body.

For this, proper breathing techniques can prove to be very helpful:

– Deep relaxed inhalation

– The relaxing sigh

– The clenched fist

– Imaginative inhalation

– The rolling breathe

* Yoga Asans:

It is firmly believed that Yoga asans are very helpful and promotes proper inhaling and exhaling of air. Pranayama is one of the asans which has been helping people a lot to meet the oxygen requirements. These four stages of Yoga would help your body to get enough oxygen and increase the metabolism of the body.

They are :

– Puraka (Inhalation)

– Abhyantara Kumbhaka (Pause after inhaling) Full pause

– Rechaka (Exhalation)

– Bahya Kumbhak (Pause after exhaling) Empty pause

If you follow only the breathing exercises then you won’t experience weight loss. Keep in mind the following tips too:

– Try to take a healthy diet to make sure that your body gets all the nutritional requirements.

– Further, you must avoid drinking water while eating so that you don’t dilute the digestive enzymes.

– Avoid consuming deserts and opt for nuts and fruits instead.

– You can even add more raw foods in your diet chart.

– Try to consume lots of water as it help to kick-start the metabolism of the body.

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