Disbelieve People of Fame or Pillars in the Community Could Possibly Sexually Abuse Children

Disbelieve People of Fame or Pillars in the Community Could Possibly Sexually Abuse Children

The media conscientiously reports high profile cases of sexual child abuse, but the reports lack the facts regarding pedophiles/ephebophiles; the definition of sexual child abuse or the profile of a sex offender. Anyone who knows the sex offender is invited to give their uneducated opinion regarding the matter-and the case becomes a ‘he said, she/he said,’ case and the myths and misconceptions about sexual child abuse and sex offenders continue to proliferate. The majority of people disbelieve a person of fame or a pillar of the community could possibly sexually abuse children. Not one day goes by without several reports of sexual child abuse in the U.S.–according to government statistics less than 1{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} are abused by strangers.

Studies reveal 62{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} of girls and 31{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} of boys will be sexually abused by age 18-these statistics are low based on health service findings. 80{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} are sexually abused by a family member; 19{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} are abused by a trusted adult.

The unbelievable truth: Pedophiles/Ephebophiles conduct themselves as average and ordinary to the world. He or she may be a leader in the church; the community; or business. Pedophiles/Ephebophiles seldom fit a classic stereotype education, socioeconomic status, career or culture. Furthermore, sexual abuse/incest is more difficult to believe or accept when the person we like, admire, love, and/or marry is the perpetrator. This is precisely why those who know the sex offender, fans and the uninformed can unequivocally believe he could not possibly be a Pedophile-sexual attraction to pre-adolescents; or Ephebophile-sexual attraction to adolescents.

Pedophiles/Ephebophiles are cunning predators with a honed mode of operation. They are experts at manipulation, thus escaping adult reality. They feel entitled, justifying their actions as loving; not harming the child. They expend considerable energy maintaining this illusion to themselves and others. They create a persona of goodness beyond reproach. They go to great lengths to present themselves as exemplary people, who love children. Michael Jackson’s defense attorney, Mesereau, invoked this convoluted logic in response to the judge’s ruling that previous accounts of sexual abuse claims, which were settled, was admissible. Mesereau countered, “He [Jackson] also has spent millions on children with AIDS. We can drown them with examples of where Mr. Jackson has been so benevolent, so generous, so charitable, so giving for good causes, that it will make their theory look silly.”

A study reveals Teacher Sexual Abuse Of Students Increasing: Many cases have resulted in costly school district lawsuits, substantiated cases of teacher sexual abuse, which renders incredulity, in that many of the teachers are free to continue to work as teachers.

The AP found attempts to stop particular offenders; it also found a firm resistance towards identifying and preventing abuse. Fellow teachers often ignore the abuse or believe they cannot help. School administrators cut backdoor deals to sidestep lawsuits or bad press. In state governments and Congress, lawmakers are loathe to impose harsher punishments or any national policy in fear of harming the teaching profession.

This astoundingly shortsighted thinking leaves children to fend for themselves against cunning sex offenders, who the child knows and trusts. New York State Education Department reports, the number of “moral misconduct” accusations against educators in New York has doubled in five years. In 2005, 134 cases of “moral misconduct” were reported involving teachers and other school employees, as compared to just 70 cases in 2001. According to an overview of the cases, almost 75 percent of the “moral conduct” cases involved sexual acts or an improper relationship. In all, 485 misconduct cases occurred over the five year period in New York State.

The Catholic Church had a history of acting in a highly defensive manner and circling the wagons on reports of sexual abuse. Individual church leaders did not manage these reports well. The available research suggests that approximately 2 to 5{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} of priests have had a sexual experience with a minor (anyone under the age of 18). There are approximately 60,000 active and inactive priests and brothers in the United States and thus it can be estimated that between 1,000 and 3,000 priests have sexually engaged with minors. Although, good data is hard to acquire, it appears that this 2 to 5{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} figure is consistent with male clergy from other religious traditions and is lower than the general adult male population that is best estimated to be closer to 8{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed}.

See complete definition of Sexual Child Abuse at http://www.gen-assist.com/sa/defs.htm

“Heretofore society has concentrated their efforts entirely on repairing the damage. It is time we focus our attention on prevention before the damage is done. Without vilifying the sex offender, Dr. Neddermeyer has revealed the cruel realities of sexual child abuse and exposed the sex offender’s modus operandi to the extent anyone; even young children armed with solid information and well-honed strategies can thwart even the most cunning sex offender.” Claire R. Reeves, President/Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, MASA

Let us not continue to believe that the reported sexual child abuse cases in the school environment are rare, as was done with the reported clergy sexual child abuse.

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