Emotional Intelligence Training For Improved Performance at Work

Emotional Intelligence Training For Improved Performance at Work

Most of us might have heard of IQ or the Intelligence Quotient and might wonder about the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence or EI is defined as the ability to gauge or identify your own emotions and also have the skill of analysing others emotions can be termed as EI and just the way intelligence is measured by IQ, EQ or Emotional Quotient measures Emotional Intelligence of a person. Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer are the forerunners of the EI concept from 1990 and they believe that the EI is a sub category of social intelligence that includes the evaluation of one’s own emotions and also observing the feelings of others and use this analysis to draw comparison and direct your actions and thoughts based on the observations made.

Uses of Emotional Intelligence Training

o Emotional Intelligence training enables better team performance- games involving team work can enhance you to deliver a better work out put. Lost in migration is one such game on Lumosity.com that increase your concentration power and boosts your productivity at work.

o It helps individuals to understand and empathise with other feelings, which will in turn lead to efficient communication and leaves no room for misunderstandings. Cognitive exercises and cognitive games such as speed match helps you process information with speed and accuracy that will enrich cognitive skills and therefore process and interpret others emotions and feelings more accurately to build a rapport.

o With efficient training you can build a bond of trust among your team-mates. By playing games such as Rain drop or Word bubble with your colleagues will keep you connected on an emotional front and builds strong ties.

o Higher level of emotional intelligence promotes you to lead the group. There are games that will overhaul your brain with constructive activities and the memory games such as Color Match and Bird Watching can make you smarter and your team will definitely admire your new transition.

o Emotional Intelligence training in professional fields such as Doctors with strong emotional intelligence are in better position to handle their patients. Various problem-solving games such as Chalkboard Challenge will boost your confidence level and help you handle the toughest situation.

o EI training also aids in building a productive workforce within an organization.

The training pertains to almost all fields; be it family relationships, friends or colleagues, simply put EI cater all human relations. And it help you to evolve into a new person you will empathise with people’s problem rather than simply sympathising with them and have strong and successful relations. 

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