Fat Burning Exercise – What You Need to Know For Permanent Weight Loss

Fat burning exercise is one of the two essential elements you must address, if you after fat loss and permanent weight loss. The other is nutrition and diet. Of the two, exercise has the greater impact. But both must be addressed.

Fat Burning Exercise and Your Metabolism

To burn excessive fat on your body, you must increase your metabolism. You can only increase your metabolism through exercise. When you increase your metabolism, you burn the food that you have recently consumed more quickly and then begin to burn the fat on your body for energy. With a higher metabolic rate, you wont only burn fat at the time you are exercising. You will also burn more fat throughout the day. This is called “The Thermogenic Effect of Exercise”.

Fat Burning Exercise and Achieving The Thermogenic Effect

The effectiveness of your exercise program in increasing your metabolic rate, and therefore the rate you burn fat, is dependent on the following factors

  • what kind you do
  • how long you spend doing it
  • how often you do it
  • the time of the day you do it (fat burning is more effective when aerobic exercise is done in the morning)
  • the type of training you do (aerobic, or strength training using free weights, body weights, or machines)
  • what exercise you do first and which other ones follow
  • the intensity of your movement when doing them (or how easy or difficult it is for you to do the exercise)

The most important of these is the mode of exercise you choose to do.

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