Female Frigidity – Causes and Cure

Female Frigidity – Causes and Cure

Female Frigidity is a condition in which a woman either dies does not have any sexual desires or she is not able to get any kind of satisfaction from sexual intercourse. The main reasons behind this are psychological in nature.

Eventually this lack of interest in sex can strain your relationship and be a cause of divorce or separation. The causes of this lack of libido can be varied.

Most women get frigid because of sexual abuse in the childhood or trauma. Strong religious believes that label sex as sin or a shameful act can also make a woman lose interest in sex.

Moreover, there are other factors also such as stress, depression, anxiety etc., Fear of bearing kids can also rob women of their sexual appetite. This can be because of ignorance of sex act and lack of sex education about pregnancy and motherhood.

But it is not always the woman that has to be blamed. An inexperienced and clumsy husband may not be able to arouse his wife and this can make her unresponsive in bed. In such a case, the man should correct his approach and try to more responsive to what the needs of her woman in bed.

Moreover, there are some natural libido enhancers that can be a big help. Such libido enhancers are formulated with age proven herbs and other nutrients that help increase blood flow to the genitals. These enhancers not only increase libido or sex drive but also enhances response to sexual stimulation and make women achieve climax soon after foreplay.

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