Fight Fat While Eating Out

Who says that you cannot attack your fat while going out to eat with friends and family?

This is one of the biggest myths in the history of weight loss and is part of the reason that the supplement industry has grown to become over a 55 billion dollar industry!

You see, going out to a nice restaurant and socializing is a great way to forget about all of the stress and problems you may be having at work. The problem is people do not know what or how to order a healthy meal while eating out. They simply follow what everyone else is doing instead of being conscious of their diets.

So in order to fix this problem, I would like to give you some quick guidelines that you must obey before you decide to go out to eat. They are as follows:

• Drink at least 12-16 ounces of water. This will prevent you from overeating.

• Make sure you get the right amount of macronutrients or the best possible selection as this is the key to achieving your fat loss goals.

• Stay away from any fried foods as they have a lot of bad fats in them.

• If you order a salad, use a low fat/low calorie alternative as opposed to the regular dressing.

• Do not add any extra seasonings to your meals such as salt or peppers as this has too much sodium and can cause you to gain water weight if consumed in excess.

Some sample meals that I enjoy just about every time I go out are some sort of grilled or baked chicken meal with a good complex carbohydrate such as a baked potato or rice with some fibrous carbs like a salad. I even enjoy a good steak or fish as they are excellent sources of protein.

So the lesson to be learned is to not listen to all of the lies and scams of the supplements industry and go back to the basics.

If you stay within these parameters prescribed above, you will be victorious in your fight against fat and be able to enjoy a nice meal with friends and family. If not, expect the fat to march in and surprise you with a sneak attack that will cause you to lose not only the battle, but the war against ugly belly fat!

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