For Lasting Fast Weight Loss, Exercise is Vital

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I find it amazing that people can put on weight over the course of years, but when they finally decide to take it off, they want it to happen in a matter of weeks or even days. It doesn’t make sense! People also think that by simply eating a few less high fat items that they will start losing pounds. It doesn’t happen that way. In order to accomplish fast weight loss exercise has to be part of your program.

Most people can lose a few pounds overnight by simply taping their mouths shut. Yes, by cutting back on food, you can lose weight. But, most of what you are losing is either water weight that will come back within a few days, or just short-term weight that will come back the next time you eat. For fast weight loss exercise has to take place – you need it to burn off the fat you have already accumulated.

If you think of your body as a big furnace, you will understand what I am saying. You feed that furnace and it burns what you feed it. Unfortunately, over the years, you have stuck a few too many logs of wood in that furnace and it has never had time to burn them. They are sitting in a big stockpile – and that is the fat on your body, sitting there just waiting to be burned. So, for fast weight loss exercise is necessary to burn those logs!

For diet ideas and ways to burn those logs of fat, I went to Fat Loss 4 Idiots, which is a great site that gives lots of different ideas on how to eat healthier, eat smarter, and exercise with weight loss in mind. Remember that you must always limit your calorie intake while simultaneously burning more calories in order for long-lasting weight loss to occur.

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