Go Green With Your Love Life

Go Green With Your Love Life

We’ve heard plenty about going green at home, at work and on the road, but the latest hot topic is going green in bed! There are many ways you can green up your sex life, such as environmentally responsible dates to even how you dispose of condoms.

Show some love for your lady and Mother Earth by going green between the sheets with our tips for a sustainable love life:

• Shower together for some steamy fun that will conserve water as well. Choose sexy, scented shower gels and soaps that are all-natural to avoid slathering your skin with potentially harmful chemicals.

• Toss used condoms in the trash, not the toilet. Flushing condoms can clog pipes, treatment plants and rivers. Also, stick with latex since polyurethane condoms are essentially plastic (not biodegradable).

• Engage in some sexy foreplay by giving your partner a back rub with organic massage oil. Experiment with different fragrances. Some aromatic oils, such as jasmine and sandalwood, are considered natural aphrodisiacs, while others such as lavender may help you to de-stress.

• Keep the lights off! Energy-efficient lovemaking in the dark enhances your senses and also helps qualm body insecurities. (Did we mention you might save a little on your electric bill as well?) Candles can also create sexy silhouettes, so consider making love by candlelight for an ultra-sensuous evening. Opt for natural beeswax candles to limit indoor air pollution.

• Freshen the air with pure essential oils. There are several brands of natural aromatherapy that also help to neutralize unwanted odors.

• Ditch bedroom toys made with vinyl or PVC. (Some countries have banned the use of PVC in children’s toys.) Opt for natural substances such as rubber or leather instead. Check out solar-powered instead of battery-operated.

• Instead of ordering a pizza and driving to a movie, enjoy the outdoors for a sexy date. Try a walk in the park or along the beach, or how about some stargazing? Plus, the fresh air is invigorating.

• Have fun on an environmentally friendly mattress. Look for natural latex, or eco-friendly memory foam mattresses. While you’re at it, re-think your bedding by choosing natural fibers. Eco-friendly sheets and blankets are made with minimal to no environmental impact. Organic bedding is produced without harmful toxins or chemicals.

• Did you know you can also naturally support your performance? Tenaga is an herbal supplement contains Physta, a patented form of Tongkat Ali developed in collaboration with MIT that may not only support overall energy, but may give you a boost in the bedroom as well.

• Some foods are thought to have sexually stimulating properties, such as black pepper, asparagus, ginseng, red wine, oysters, dark chocolate and avocado.

• Avoid lubes that are made with petroleum products or artificial fragrance, flavor or color, and opt for soy-based or water-based instead. Soy is light, and can be used with condoms. Coconut and olive oils are also great alternatives, just be careful not to use them with latex.

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