Healthy Diet and Active Lifestyle

Healthy Diet and Active Lifestyle

Many adults and some kids are living inactive lives in today’s world. We may not be sick but not necessarily healthy either.

Below you will find four simple ways to improve your wellness and do so without slowing down your daily routine much if at all.

When possible you need to take the stairs or walk. When you are going to a floor no higher than the 5th, I would say it’s safe to take the stairs, if you have an option between the escalators at the mall or the stairs, choose the manual option for exercise.

The best thing to do is start small. For example, walk during your breaks at work or walk to work if it is within a reasonable distance. Just getting up from your desk and getting your blood flowing will do the trick during a hectic work day.

The same thing that we have been hearing for many, many years is to drink plenty of water daily, is the best tip. You can refill your water bottle two or three times during the day or you could even keep a package of bottled water underneath your desk. This way you get your recommended amount of at least 36 ounces per day.

Make sure you eat a piece of fruit or two every day.

If you make a suggestion to your boss to promote wellness and healthy eating by having fruit available for the employees, they just may consider. Many employees have fruit delivered on a weekly basis for this purpose. Eating fruit during the day will keep employees energized as well.

Do something heart healthy as well as helping the environment by cutting down on the number of meals you have which includes meat. There are serious health risks to having too much meat in your diet. But reducing this intake you also doing something good for our environment.

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