Help Reverse Aging With Good Quality Protein

Help Reverse Aging With Good Quality Protein

Protein is ‘essential’

Protein is one of the three macronutrients, and it contains strings of organic amino acids. Nine of 22 amino acids cannot be made by the body and must therefore be ingested as food. Since they appear to work in some synergistic fashion these nine amino acids can be truly said to be “essential”. We have essential fatty acids and essential amino acids and as such they must be part of our digestive intake. It is worthy of note that there is no essential carbohydrate.

Our organs, muscles, and glands are composed of protein. Children require considerable protein to foster growth and development and will need more than many adults.

Which is the Best Protein to help Reverse Aging?

The first distinction to be made before choosing protein for your food plan is that there are complete and incomplete proteins. If a protein doesn’t have all of the 9 essential amino acids then it is said to be incomplete. Incomplete amino acids are somewhat limited in their use by the body as they can only be burnt as energy or converted to fat.

All animal protein is a source of complete protein. We recommend the consumption of beef, lamb, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, raw milk and raw milk products..

Fish protein is especially good for weight loss because it so readily breaks down into all of the essential amino acids. Do not accept factory of farmed fish because there is much solid research that they don’t have the beneficial qualities of their distant relatives, wild fish. Avoid fish from the northern hemisphere because they are generally heavily polluted with mercury and P.C.B.s. Investigation of Australian fish suggests that our smaller coastal fish haven’t yet taken up mercury produced by the coal and chlorine industries.

Plant Protein is Not a Complete Protein

Plant protein does not contain any complete protein. Vegetarians need to combine foods to get a complete protein source. Remember the absence of one essential amino acid makes the other 8 amino acids unable to repair, and perform maintenance, development and growth tasks.

To cause plant food to provide complete protein one has to combine groups of foods. For this purpose, these plant foods have been categorized under four groups. The first group has to be combined with one of each of the other three groups. The problem for us is that the first group is made up of breakfast cereal, pasta, spaghetti, noodles, wheat products, flour products, etc. All of these are banned from our eating choices.

Soy protein is a no-no unless it is fermented to eliminate the many toxins. This is one of the reasons why we do not support the use of protein powders. Most contain soy and they are made more toxic by the fact that they are generally processed.

Of the animal sources of protein there is considerable variation, but the greatest come about because of how the animals are raised, the land they are raised on, the season, etc. It is worthy of note that all traditional people, the French and other continental Europeans, seemed to place particular value on the internal organs. You may have noted that lions and some other beasts of prey share the same preference. We think that it would be very wise to include these internal organs in your diet.

To give you an idea of the relative protein value of a few food items, 200 grams of beef equals roughly:

• 18 heads of lettuce.

• 60 bananas, or

• 261 apples.

There are forty nutrients that the body can’t make. They are fatty acids, 15 vitamins, 14 minerals and 9 amino acids. From these our body synthesizes an estimated 10,000 different compounds essential to our health. Animal protein is a good source of these nutrients. Natural healthy vitamin B12 is one of these and is found only in animals. The plant look-a-likes and synthetic B12 are not available to the body. Vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to most diseases.

Do We Need it to be Organic?

Factory or lot-fed animals are bad for you in numerous ways. The following list is not exhaustive:

• chemical levels,

• drug levels, particularly antibiotics (this practice must stop as a British study has shown that the use of antibiotics within the previous two months doubles a person’s risk of carrying antibiotic resistant bacteria Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, May 31, 2005). The evidence of the problems is so clear that after many years of procrastination the Commonwealth Government of Australia is requiring antibiotics to be eliminated from the poultry menu.

• downer cows used as feed (a ‘downer’ cow is one that died from unknown cause/s)

• G.M. grains.

To keep you healthy and to reverse premature aging our advice is to eat organic free range animal products to avoid toxic chemicals. And remember, they are a complete protein.

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