Hemorrhoids Treatment and Prevention

Hemorrhoids Treatment and Prevention

Hemorrhoid is not an uncommon disease but there is also not much that can be done to prevent it from occurring. It happens when the veins in the rectum are irritated. The symptoms are swelling, formation of lumps, itching, burn, and pain and in the most severe case bleeding of the hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid picture is very unpleasant and the person who is suffering from it may himself get scared. It may shock the person in most cases and create panic but one should know that there are ready medicines that help immediately. To know a disease it is important to know the cause first.

The causes for hemorrhoid are many. Some are:

o constipation and diarrhea

o childbirth

o sitting for a long period of time

o picking up of heavy objects

o infection in the hemorrhoid

The person who has this problem should take special precaution so that it may not trouble him often. There are many steps to prevent seeing the pictures of hemorrhoids. Some are:

o do regular exercise

o Don’t sit for long hours but take breaks to walk around or stand up.

o keep the weight in control because obesity is an important cause

o drink plenty of water to hydrate the body and ease the stool

There are many treatments available for curing hemorrhoids. These treatments are herbal as well as clinical. Herbal treatments include the use of herbs and clinical treatments include surgery. There are also some treatments and easy methods that can do done easily at home. There are also numerous varieties of medicines available at the stores for fast relief and solutions. But none of these medicines ad treatments can give full promise of full freedom from hemorrhoids. The problem may return even after the surgery. But there is still hope because it can be prevented and quick relief from it is only a minute away.

To understand the problem better it is necessary to take a look at the pictures of hemorrhoids. They are not eye pleasing but still they give good knowledge to us and create awareness in us. These pictures are available in various websites. You just have to click to see them. Hemorrhoids have been around for many centuries but still many of us don’t know that it is the same as ‘piles’. The hemorrhoid pictures will make us aware of the severity of the problem and increase more researches to develop new medicines to completely cure the disease.

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