How to Follow Dream Therapy and Naturally Overcome All Mental Illnesses

How to Follow Dream Therapy and Naturally Overcome All Mental Illnesses

You may believe that you never have any dreams if you don’t remember them, and even think that your occupation with your own dreams is going to be problematic. Don’t worry though, because once you understand the importance of the dream messages, you’ll love caring for the meaning of your dreams and following dream therapy.

Everyone that cares about them, suddenly starts remembering many dreams.

You see around 5 dreams per night because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is an excellent teacher who explains the same lesson 5 times, showing you each time another aspect of the same reality, so that you may get a huge vision about all your problems and difficulties, and prepare your action plan with wisdom.

For example, you see in the first dream that you are flying in the air as if you were a bird, which means that you are far from reality, lost in your own fantasies.

In the second dream you see that you are trying to fly in an airplane, but this is impossible, which means that you are not able to attain a new level of consciousness for some reason. (The reason was already given to you in the first dream: you are not paying attention to your objective reality as it is, but imagining things that are not real.)

In the third dream you’ll see that there are many snakes crossing the road where you were driving your car. This means that the normal route of your life will be interrupted by many sad experiences that will teach you how to behave and how to evolve, through suffering. (…If you continue to be too na├»ve and living far from the objective reality, as shown in the first dream.)

In the fourth dream you have many adventures, being followed by terrorists that want to kill you. This means that you are in danger (because you are far from reality) and the anti-conscience, your primitive conscience, which is totally absurd, is trying to invade your human conscience and control your behavior.

In the last dream you see yourself digging the earth and discovering a secret passage that leads to another place. This is the solution that you must find thanks to the translation of your dreams: you have to discover the roots of your absurdity and how to win the battle against your wild side, learning how to examine all the details of the objective reality you ignore, instead of living lost in absurd fantasies.

The five dreams show you the same problem in different ways, and the solution at the end.

Once you understand that you have to be careful and pay attention to many things, the unconscious mind will give you more information about the way you must behave in the next dreams.

Dream therapy following the guidance of the wise unconscious mind in your dreams, without going anywhere or paying anything to your natural doctor, will be a great relief for you!

This is magical therapy and mainly, an absolutely safe therapy, which you can absolutely trust, since the unconscious mind is created in order to help you fight against your wild and violent primitive nature, and basically cares for your mental health. It keeps trying to save the precious human side of your personality: the sensitive and intelligent side that has human characteristics and loves peace and happiness.

Begin caring for your dreams when you sleep and when you wake up, and write down everything you can remember about them, even if it doesn’t make any sense to you. The dream language follows another logic, which you’ll learn when you understand how to exactly translate the dream images into words and sentences that your conscience understands.

Even if you cannot remember the 5 dreams you saw, the information you’ll have for remembering at least part of one single dream will already help you understand your main problem. Your next dreams will help you understand how to solve it.

The unconscious mind repeats the same information in different dreams exactly because you usually don’t remember all your dreams. So, you’ll see dreams about the solution many times, and many different ways to attain it.

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