Mental Health Support – How to Prevent Depression and Cure All Mental Illnesses

Mental Health Support – How to Prevent Depression and Cure All Mental Illnesses

By continuing the research begun by Carl Jung in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, I could see the entire content of the human psyche, verifying that the anti-conscience, the wild and primitive side of our conscience, occupies the biggest part of our brain and psyche.

In the beginning the anti-conscience tries to invade the human region of our conscience through absurd thoughts and feelings. When it manages to invade the human region and destroys a big portion of it, the anti-conscience’s attacks are stronger. It starts provoking dizziness, emptiness in our mind, repetitive thoughts, and even hallucinations.

The anti-conscience can think, but its thoughts are absurd. It is our wild and violent animal side, which possesses great energy.

There is no way we can escape from craziness once the anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of our human conscience. Its attacks are unbearable.

The only way we can escape from completely losing our mind when arriving at this stage is by offering resistance against the anti-conscience’s attacks. If we can bear the anti-conscience’s attempts to frighten our human conscience through absurdity and terrorism, we will be able to win the battle in the end.

However, nobody can resist under so many attacks, unless they are very well prepared.

This is why we have to prevent depression and other mental illnesses by eliminating the dangerous influence of the anti-conscience from the beginning of our lives. All teens must learn how to translate their dreams according to the scientific method so that they may transform their anti-conscience into a positive component of their human conscience before it manages to destroy the human region of their conscience. They will gradually evolve, acquiring complete consciousness, without facing obstacles.

Everyone else must learn how to translate their dreams, independently of their age or educational level, so that they may learn how to protect their mental health and never become victims of their wild side. They can also be cured and eliminate all mental illnesses if they are already mentally ill, by following the unconscious guidance in their dreams.

While Carl Jung had many doubts because he could not see the entire content of the human psyche and he didn’t recognize the unconscious’ divinity, my work spreads light everywhere. I show you exactly what exists in your psyche and how you can stay far from all mental illnesses forever.

After Jung’s pioneer research in the human psyche, my research and discoveries give you the key for completely mastering the dream language. I transformed Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation made only for intellectuals into a simple and fast method of dream translation from images into words that even a child can learn.

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