Multiple Personality Disorder and the Power of the Mind to Heal

Multiple Personality Disorder and the Power of the Mind to Heal

Split personality disorder has been an enigma to psychologists and doctors for at least 100 years. It is strange enough that a person can split their personality into at least 2 distinct personas, with some even having 100 separate personalities, changing between them at random. Each personality has their own uniqueness, name and other traits but none of the other personalities are aware of the others.

What is even more strange, and psychologists are baffled by this, is the psychological and physiological changes that occur when a different personality takes over. For instance….physical scars on the body disappear and re-appear in an instant with the dominance of different personalities.

Let’s say for instance that someone has two personalities…and for ease of understanding we’ll name them “John” and “Peter”. If John is dominant and injures himself, and the wound then heals to a scar….this would then become part of who he is. So now when Peter takes over and becomes dominant the scar disappears…only to return when John takes over again.

The same thing happens to other ailments…allergies, diseases like diabetes, colour blindness, lazy eye, and even eye colour, have all been observed to completely disappear or change when a different personality is dominant. Intelligence is also affected. If John is fluent in French, peter would not be able to speak a word of French.

Even tolerances to administered drugs are altered. If one part becomes drunk and then a different personality takes over, that new dominant part will become totally sober.

Spiritualists and alternative therapists have put forward the notion that the body and mind are inextricably linked for a long time now, but psychologists and doctors have been unwilling to see this, to the detriment of their patients. But after seeing firsthand what happens with split personalities, they are beginning to understand the mind-body link and what it means for humans and our power to heal ourselves and become the person we want to be.

‘If the mind can do this in tearing down body tissue, I think it suggests the same potential for healing,” said Dr. Braun, who directs a 10-bed psychiatric unit that uses psychotherapy, hypnosis and drugs to treat people with multiple personalities. He said he believed that the drastic physical changes seen in patients going from personality to personality could be duplicated for emotionally normal people under hypnosis….(source: New York Times).

Why do some people have split personalities?

This disorder usually begins in childhood as a defense against prolonged trauma, usually some kind abuse either mental or physical. The theory is that the mind spits in two, so that it can retreat into the other personality or personalities in times of extreme distress….and to allow the newly created part to take some of the burden of distress by sharing the pain. Another explanation, and this seems more likely… could be that the mind is creating an untouched personality knowing that the original one has been severely corrupted….much like when we partition a hard drive in case one part becomes corrupted, then we still have the other clean partition to work with. And the reason each part knows nothing of the other and its experiences, could be to protect it from the corruption and disorder of the abused part in order for that newly created part to function properly. If the new part had any memory or knowledge of the abuse the other went through, it too would become damaged.

How do these dramatic physical changes happen?

If the mind and body are linked as closely as this suggests, then it would seem that the memory, experiences and beliefs of the person are linked to every cell in the body, so that when the person changes personality all previous beliefs and so-on on are completely erased for the duration….therefore changing the whole biology, molecular structure, cell structure and chemistry of the body according to the new part.

So what does this all mean, and how can it help us.?

This is showing us how powerful the human mind is, and that our bodies and their ailments both mental and physical are not permanent, but can be changed by the power of belief and thought. If we believe something without doubt surely we can affect our own bodies at the cellular level just as people unconsciously do with multiple personalities. We could just imagine that we are healed and it would happen, we could see in our mind that the cancer has gone, and it would be done. Disease of every kind would be a thing of the past. All we need is the unwavering belief of our inner power…and the seemingly strange things that occur with people with multiple personalities should give us this belief.

There are many ways we can utilize this mind power. Through hypnosis we can gain access to the subconscious to create new beliefs using visualization and other transformation techniques.

 Hypnosis is well known to be able to create the same phenomena described in this article in emotionally normal people. Even without formal hypnosis, a person can learn powerful visualization techniques which if vivid enough can be very powerful. Visualization works because the mind cannot differentiate between mental images and real images, so if we see something vividly enough and for long enough, the body’s cell structure will begin to conform to what is being seen in the mind. Just like when a multiple personality takes over from a previous one, his cell structure and mental state is changed according to the beliefs of the new part.

So….if you believe something so totally, it will become your truth. Please read my other article on the power of belief to explore this idea further.

By Mark Turnbull

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