Natural Immune Booster – What It Means

Natural Immune Booster – What It Means

There are many natural immune boosters. A healthy diet is perhaps the greatest one that should be adopted by everyone. A healthy diet will be nutrient dense, obviating the need for supplements.

Healthy supplements, such as natural vitamin C or blue green algae, can help to address the short fall of an unhealthy diet.

Echinacea is another well known natural immune booster. Others include super-foods, such as goji berries, mangosteen, raw cacao, acai berry and others.

As a homeopath, I am often asked if I have a natural immune booster. Because this (understandably) shows a complete lack of appreciation of what homeopathy is and how it works, I feel this is a good place to address it.

First of all, lets look at mainstream medicine. Medicine views the body as imperfect. It thinks that modern medicine can improve on nature.

Homeopathy views the body as already perfect, but there are various factors which have contributed to ‘blockages’ forming, to use an analogy. These ‘blockages’ prevent the immune system from working as it is able to, without them.

This very fundamental difference in approach makes the world of difference to how you are treated. Medical drugs aim to suppress the symptoms. This is why you are often told you will need to remain on one (or many) for the rest of your life – to continuously subdue your body.

In effect, this is immune suppressive because it does not allow the body free expression. Ultimately, of course, this leads to more and more health problems.

In homeopathy, we take very seriously what your body is trying to tell us. We use the signs and symptoms in a special way. With extensive and in depth information, we are able to understand and appreciate the whole nature of these. Each theme, if you like, which will be unique to each person, will belong to one particular remedy.

As long as this has been clearly understood by the practitioner, the remedy will clear the ‘blockages’, so that your immune system is restored to its natural glory, once more.

This means, that each and every homeopathic remedy which works for you is a natural immune booster. The key is that the remedy works for you. There are plenty which can be taken, which will have no effect on you at all, if the theme of the remedy does not match your theme.

Although these ‘blockages’ may return, each dose of the curative remedy will remove them again, until they return no more. Then you no longer need the remedy.

This is the approach skilled and knowledgeable homeopaths aim for, because the potential is so great for you, the patient.

Luckily, there are many remedies, which have a broad scope of action, which are able to treat acute problems more easily. And this is where therapeutic, or acute, or home prescribing comes in. This is often the approach used by naturopaths and by GPs who use homeopathy.

You do still need to be able to match your signs and symptoms to the theme of a remedy, for it to work, but it is not so complicated at this level.

By understanding how the body works, by respecting the body’s innate intelligence, by aiming for the long term good, rather than a quick fix, you can look forward to a long, healthy and trouble free life under good homeopathic care.

This is very different to what most people put up with.

Don’t look for natural immune boosters. instead look for the whole system of medicine, which only acts that way – homeopathy!

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