Protecting Your Mental Health And Your Life Thanks To Dream Messages

Protecting Your Mental Health And Your Life Thanks To Dream Messages

Many people try to get rid of their nightmares without understanding their messages because they suppose that their dreams are produced by their imagination. This is a big mistake that Carl Jung’s work and my work denounce.

All dreams are well-organized according to the dream logic and can be clearly comprehended when we know the dream language. Carl Jung was a genius who managed to discover how to translate God’s symbolic language in dreams. I had to complete his research in order to prove this fact to the world.

All dreams contain important messages that help us understand the mental health problems caused by our anti-conscience and by our psychological type.

The existence of a demon in our brain is clearly reflected in numerous dream images. All dreams try to protect our conscience from the demon’s attacks. This is why we have many scary nightmares and bad dreams.

You have to learn God’s symbolic language made only by images in order to clearly understand the dream messages and verify that they come from a superior mind, since they help you understand your problems and find solutions.

Now that you know that you have a satanic anti-conscience you have to stop believing that you can easily be happy in life and care about saving your conscience. There are more than too many dangers threatening your mental health and your life.

The scientific method of dream interpretation helps everyone open their eyes and prevent tragedies.

Everyone has dreams with warnings a long time before facing difficult situations that will put their mental health in danger because they have to protect their conscience before completely losing it in order to prevent a severe mental illness.

Instead of being indifferent to terror everyone must be afraid of their anti-conscience and afraid of the possibility to face a tragedy in life.

Everything that is bad is the result of our anti-conscience’s influence. Therefore, we can prevent all tragedies by eliminating our anti-conscience through dream translation.

Dreams help us prevent premature deaths, besides helping us prevent mental disorders, incurable diseases, accidents, and other misfortunes.

This phenomenon was observed numerous times. Many people managed to prevent something bad because they had warnings in their dreams. We can verify this fact when we analyze their life biography, their dreams, and what happened to them in their daily lives.

I simplified the dream language after continuing Carl Jung’s research and discovering the existence of the anti-conscience, and after curing many people thanks to Jung’s method of dream interpretation during 19 years before publishing my work.

So, you can learn the dream language thanks to my simplifications and verify by yourself that everything I’m telling you is true. This is simple now that I discovered the meaning of many dream symbols after arduous research and many comparisons. I teach you how to easily discover the meaning of a dream symbol now that I discovered the essential.

When I started caring about the meaning of dreams (in 1984) because I had serious mental health problems and I was pregnant I ignored more than too much, but I managed to understand the dream language after seriously studying Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation during four years, and I was a very obedient student and patient.

Today you know a lot more about the meaning of dreams than me when I was in the beginning of my research. So, you can easily find the solutions you need.

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