Sex and Health – Part 5

Certain things may come into question, such as mobility, if you use a wheelchair or have a cast, there will be some sexual positions that may not be possible. Try to find positions that promote or inhibit spasms accordingly, inability to achieve or sustain an erection explore alternatives to intercourse penis rings can help an erection by preventing the blood supply from leaving the penis. You can use toys for various sensations. With urinary/bowel incontinence, talk to your partner about the possibility of an accident to avoid surprises and to ease anxiety, limit your fluid intake prior to sex and try urinating beforehand.

Keep towels nearby and protect the mattress with an underpad if possible. With catheter use, ask your doctor if you can remove the catheter during sexual activities, make sure your bladder is empty first.


Find positions that require less physical exertion and take a less active role in sex. Use sex aids, toys or activities other than intercourse which can be less strenuous. Find positions that don’t put pressure on the chest or diaphragm and don’t require high energy pain in joints, find positions that don’t put pressure on the joints.

For the woman who is wheelchair bound.

There are many options for couples dealing with sexual problems due to disabilities but it is imperative that you first consult with a health care provider so that safety can be assessed regarding sexual intercourse and your particular disability. If your problem is simply lack of mobility, a sex swing might help to alleviate pressure on your neck, back, and hips, but also any strain your husband might endure trying to support you during intercourse. You may want to check with your local medical supply company to inquire about the different styles and models. It is possible your insurance may cover the expense.

If your problem is decreased arousal and/or orgasm there are also options for you. The EROS device, a clitoral suction device, can help to increase sensitivity and lubrication when used consistently. Intimacy can be obtained in many ways, not just through intercourse. Non-demand pleasuring, outercourse, and mutual masturbation are alternatives to intercourse that can bring mutual pleasure back into your bedroom.

For the man who is wheelchair bound. Again there are many options available and are only limited by your own imagination although one may find it challenging. There are many positions if you are sat on a chair and your partner astride facing you or facing away. Communicate with each other to see what works. You don’t know what is possible until you try the impossible.

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