Sexual Health Problems Faced By Couples Today

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Being physically intimate is one of the highly revered activities that couples love to indulge in. It indeed gives a pleasurable feeling to enjoy sex and be able to enable your partner attain the height of orgasm. However, at times, this most coveted desire becomes the motive of dejection and desperation when things do not work as per intended. At times, men cease to perform as expected due to certain reasons. Similarly, women could also face problems due to lack of mood, or any other reason. The result in both the cases is the inability to achieve the desired pleasure for which the couples get intimate physically. Below are few of the most adverse problems in this regard that are affecting the sexual relationships of couples today:

Sexual health problems in men

The types of sexual problems that men may face include:

Short-term erections: For couples to succeed in sex, it is necessary for the erection to remain intact till the time the semen gets transferred from male to female body. However, there may arise certain situations due to which maintaining appropriate erection becomes difficult for penetration. Certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, fatigue, depression, and stress could be the probable reasons behind such erectile dysfunction anomaly. Sometimes, too much anxiety while getting physically intimate could also cause difficulties.

Premature ejaculation: Yet again anxiety does a blunder and tends the ejaculation to occur much before the intended time. Imagine you are all set for intercourse with due erection and premature ejaculation plays the spoil sport; isn’t it irksome. Moreover, it takes considerable time to regain the erection once any such before time ejaculation takes place, and is often fair enough to change the mood of the female partner. Unfortunately, some men are unable to ejaculate at all, which is yet another severe problem. Reasons behind such a flaw could be many, such as the use of antidepressants, religious beliefs, being at the victim of unfaithful sex in the past, and more.

Sexual health problems in women

Sexual dysfunction is a major concern among female as well due to below problems:

Low lubrication in vagina: In case the vagina remains dry during intercourse, women may experience extended pain. This lack of lubrication could often result due to changes in hormone during or after breastfeeding or menopause. Apprehension of unbearable pain while having sex due to vaginal dryness could in turn cut the sexual desire among females.

Pain during intercourse: Sometimes, women feel unbearable pain in vagina during sex, due to some unknown reason. This type of chronic and painful sex is termed as vulvar vestibules, whose cause is still unknown. Ladies affected from this anomaly may experience a burning sensation followed by severe pain during sex.

Common Sexual problems in men and women

Some sexual problems that are alike in both the genders include:

Lack of libido: This problem affects the sexual activity among both the male and female. Among men, their hectic daily routine, work stress, depression, and anxiety about sex could be among the major reasons behind decreased libido. Likewise, reduced levels of estrogen, along with depression, sexual anxiety, antidepressants, and fatigue could cause retarded appetite for sex in female.

Inability to attain orgasm: When a female feels extreme pleasure during sex, she has probably achieved the orgasm. Other indications for the same include fast heartbeats and contraction of genital muscles. Some women may even ejaculate fluid from urethral glands during orgasm. Among men, orgasm occurs when they ejaculate in their female partner’s vagina. Unfortunately, the instances of delayed orgasm or inability to release the sexual tension in the form of fluid spurt are common among both male and female. Consumption of anti-depressant could be a major reason behind such a problem

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