Simple Exercise Tips For Fast Weight Loss – Cardio

You want to lose weight quickly and look great at quickly as possible. Problem is you don’t have the budget for the gym and your time to achieve your goal is slipping by. There’s no overnight solution for losing weight, but some exercises that are very simple can help you burn the weight off faster.

Before doing any exercise program it is vital you contact your doctor. Certain medical conditions can make any routine very unsafe. Your doctor can tell you what to avoid, or give you a possible alternative to an exercise that might interest you.

Cardio exercise is not only a great way to build muscle mass and lose body fat, but also increases heart health. This is also the cheapest and simple methods of an exercise, and there are numerous options you can do.

A brisk walk down the street to a sprint cross country all provide great cardio exercise. But you can get all the benefits of cardio in your own home without any equipment. The key is to increase your heart rate, and work up a sweat. During these exercises you should drink plenty of water to maintain hydration.

First, try a popular exercise the Invisible Jump Rope.

1. Stand up straight, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Position your hand as if you are holding a jump rope. Elbows should be kept to your side.
3. Begin jumping, as you push off the ground, swing your arms in a clockwise motion. Repeat this step for approximately five minutes, or until fatigue.
4. Do three sets of this exercise. You can increase intensity of the jumps based on your fitness level.

Another great exercise you can do at home for cardio is Rotating Punches. Best of all you get the added benefit of stress release during this exercise. A fun idea would be to rotate this exercise with the Invisible Jump Rope.

Stand upright, feet should face forward and be shoulder-width apart. Place both hands in a fist in front of your face.Punch forward with your right hand. Return it to your chest. Then punch to the left side, using a simple waist rotation. As you do the side punch, pivot your right foot toward the punch. Return to the start and repeat with the left hand.

Remember while doing the pivot to keep your head straight. It is about turning the waist, not the whole body. Punch as hard as you are comfortable doing, with a pace that doesn’t bring harm to you. Weights can be added as your body becomes accustomed to this exercise, but avoid from doing too much. Focus should remain on the posture to get the key cardio benefits and toning.Do a set of these for five minutes, take a break and repeat for three sets.

Of course there are numerous other exercises you can do to achieve great cardio results, your best option is to find a collection you enjoy the most and process through them as daily routine. In no time at all, you will find the weight falls off and you look and feel great.

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