Stop Making Diseases – Part 1 – Is Your Diet Making You Sick?

Stop Making Diseases – Part 1 – Is Your Diet Making You Sick?

Stop making disease by changing your eating habits.

Habits are not necessarily good or bad. You need some habits to function, such as getting up in the morning. However, some habits can be health destroying.

Most of your habits were probably created in childhood. Your parents did something, so you copied the habit, not knowing any differently. Or perhaps you were punished if you didn’t, so quickly learnt to conform.

Following the crowd, with a desire for anonymity can be the cause of many bad habits. Your peers do it, so you do too.

Following the crowd blindly can lead you to fall off a cliff, such as happens with lemmings.

World health is not at an all time high. So it seems reasonable to assume that common habits may be contributing to this lack of health.

Diet is one area that is not generally taken seriously, by anyone other than the super health conscious. Yet it is the one area that you have total control over. And can make or break your health.

It’s important to eat how your body evolved. It’s important to know what foods should be consumed in abundance and what should be consumed rarely.

Let’s have a look at how primates, the closest cousins of humans, eat. They have a diet rich in plant matter, with occasional hunts. All their food is raw. They don’t consume any dairy except for nurturing newborns.

A human diet that follows this pattern tends to contribute to a highly alkaline body pH. This is the most health promoting area to be in.

Meat, dairy and processed food all contribute to an acidic body pH, just the area to be in, in order to suffer ill health.

A raw diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, can reverse chronic disease such as diabetes and Crohn’s disease. This is exactly what happened to the mother of one of my patient’s. She changed her diet to a raw one and both these conditions vanished.

Is your diet making you sick?

Habits can be difficult to change, especially if they have become cravings. Totally changing your eating habits may be too big a jump all at once, the prospect may be too much to contemplate.

Homeopathy, a complete and natural health care system, can help change old habits which no longer serve you. For example some years ago, one of my patients so craved sugar, she was stopping at each shop she passed, to purchase a chocolate bar. She lost count how many she HAD to have, each day.

She knew this was unhealthy, but couldn’t stop herself.

I prescribed a deep acting homeopathic medicine for her. From that day on, her craving vanished. It was instantaneous.

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