TGP can help to Prevent HIV/AIDS

TGP can help to Prevent HIV/AIDS

Now a day AIDS is increasing all over the world in an enormous position. No country could face it successfully. It turns very unique position in some countries of Africa like Uganda, Gayer, Cambodia, and Sub Sahara region etc. East Asian some countries are also affected by this. In South Asian country like India is the second largest country in the world for HIV/ AIDS. There are 5.1 million people carry or suffer of this. It will be the main reason of our country for vulnerable of HIV/ AIDS. Because we have to depend in various reason of that country.

Mainly our internal Business fully depends on it. Such there many way we bound to go India. Burma is another neighbor country is already a large number affected in here. AIDS surveillance specialist Mr. Parvage Shajjad Mollik said, “There are so many cultural values and socio economical systems are responsible for this increasing like this dieses, poverty and illiteracy is also responsible for this increasing. This indicator is not fully responsible but it helps to change behavior on so that. So if we want to prevent of this at first we have to emphasize to try to change sexual behavior. We did success to find out our vulnerable target groups and why they become vulnerable”.

HIV/ AIDS is a sexual disease, but it is deferent from other sexual transmission disease (STDs, STI). Other STDs have proper medicine and these diseases don’t create cause of die, but AIDS is very dangerous, there are no any alternative way to survive after it infection, it can end of life. We find out first vulnerable group in Bangladesh is injection drug user (IDUs) and second is professional sex worker. There are many reason every year are increasing IDUs all over in Bangladesh.

It easy to get in every location in Bangladesh and chipper than other is the main reason for this; other reasons are political and socio-economical frustrations. Last year 4th surveillance report was about 4{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} IDUs are infected with HIV/AIDS all over in Bangladesh, but after one year we see the one area of Dhaka City this raise to 8.9{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed}, this report we get from 5th surveillance survey. This ratio will be clouded in our social norm and can help to hamper our economical condition. Our country is very poor so we are not able to face a large number of patients like this disease.

So we have to take necessary steps to prevent it’s increasing. We need several level of advocacy champing to build up awareness of HIV/AIDS. We need to encourage gender/ reproductive health education, which not only prevent HIV/AIDS but also help to prevent others STDs/STI (Sexual Transmission Disease). We can influence our government education authority to include about HIV/AIDS details our primary and secondary level’s curriculum.

Gender education is essential in our country’s adolescent boys & girls. This education can play a vital role of empowerment our illiterate society. It can help to develop our adolescent into a proper knowledge. Religious superstition & fundamentalism prevents to get such kind of education from their childhood. But this knowledge is very important for mental & physical development, it can help their social interaction, social behavior, reproductive health & sanitation, sexual behavior, to able to adopt all kinds of social change, to awareness them of their rights etc. Individually lack of knowledge these one can create other problems.

We also increase peer educator for professional sex worker, peer educator means a group of person or individual who are take from target group or brothel to give them proper training. After training they can able to awareness others.

We need to take TGP (Target Group Promoter) strategy for residence or other sex worker. It is very affected for residence sex workers or hidden sex workers. TGP is a newly invention idea (Proved by Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation) which help to prevent HIV/AIDS. TGP is a one kind of source/ broker/ sealer (Called in Bengali is Dalal), who collects clients/ customers for residence sex workers; they encourage people to buy sex. Without TGP (Their nominated source) the residence sex worker doesn’t allow any new client. TGP will play a vital roll in our action. Residence Sex Workers (RSW) lives together three to ten in a house. They continue their business under a Guidance or Governance or a Teem Leader (is called Sharderni in Bengali).

These teem leaders communicate with some local people, who help them by delivering customer or client, these people is called source (in Bengali called Dalal). They depend on each other. Some times those sources shelter them from local unexpected situation or from police harassment. If we could continue this action then TGP will play very important role. Because residence sex workers don’t stay long time in a house, they change their house after three to six months, but they always keep contact with their source (TGP) for continuing their business. For this reasons TGP is very important programme.

In some areas a group of drug user uses one syringe when they take drug. It is very dangerous for increasing HIV/AIDS. So we should try to alert them, and give advice them two or more drug user don’t use drug by a one syringe.

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