The Wiener Theory – Human Devolution Query

The Wiener Theory – Human Devolution Query

Meanwhile, in the adventures of the pseudosciences, an interesting proposition rises with stiffened resolve to take notice of post-modern maladaptive behaviors. With a turgid state of insistence, the unrelenting willfulness for actors in the social mainstream to act in stupid ways invites the speculation of the Wiener Theory. What is a wiener? More than a frankfurter or a Vienna sausage? Simply a hot dog? Actually much more than that, as the Wiener Theory is summoned to confront the rapid spread of social stupidity.

Metaphorically speaking of course, will due deference to the few who persevere toward self-evolution, the social descriptor applies to the devolving state of human affairs. In particular, the insidious antics of cultural regression is prime for the symbolic reference of the ‘weeny”. So many fun and fascinating applications come to bear on the condescending proclivities rampant juvenile narcissism. While opinions may vary, and they will, any typology or description is arguable. As such, the concept of “narcissism” raises the possibilities of a number of critiques.

For the Wiener Theory, this distinction most likely applies more than several other descriptors, which may or may not be considered so called “personality disorders”. As to that, briefly stated, philosophical perspectives, absent scientific validation, fall short of technical authenticity. In the pseudosciences, or “social studies” arena, as in criminology, psychology, sociology and theology, opinion driven conjecture is always subject to critical analysis. With the Wiener speculation, the suggestion is that a person behaves with intentional and premeditated purposes.

To this, the classical school of criminology enters the discourse and particularly with regard to the broader scheme of the Gonzo Theory. Behavior is a matter of free will based on rational thinking and subsequent cost-benefit analysis by the perpetrator. A utilitarian doctrine, the conceptualization is one in which a lucent process of thinking renders freely made choices. Aside from the howling, screaming and yelling of dissenters, rational decision making for maladaptive actions is neither abnormal nor suggestive of a “personality disorder”. In the viewpoint of one author of a college criminology text, perpetrators of an offensive act, select targets of opportunity, based on gain minus risk, to maximize their advantage of others.

As a metaphorical subset to the overall framework of Gonzo Theory, the Wiener concept identifies several substrata of “antisocial” members of the human species. To digress for the moment, as used here, the so-called “antisocial”, “psychopathic or sociopathic” and “narcissist” personality types merge into a mental matrix of profound selfishness. For the incessant self-centeredness of exaggerated personal worthiness, a more consolidated perspective warrants a unitary configuration. This of course will no doubt provoke some in the pseudoscience arena to gasp, feel agitated and experience an altered state of consciousness.

Regardless though, the issue is not about defining behavioral inclinations with extraordinary specificity or clinical sufficiency. Instead, the intention is to call notice to purposeful illicit behaviors that intentionally inflict harm on others. In this context, probably more relevant than other descriptors, the common feature of condescending attitudes reflects in the conceptualization of “narcissism”. Using the narcissistic reference, the “wiener idea” conjures an intentional motivation on the part of perpetrators to act in selfish ways. As to this speculation, there is a broad spectrum of premeditated inflictions evident in modern society.

Accordingly, in one online archive, depicting definitional criteria from the primary reference material of the psychiatric industry, a possible label or construct might be useful. This relates to the theoretical configuration of something called “narcissism”. Acting, being and otherwise exhibiting oneself as a wiener could be ascribed this speculative notion. A grandiose intention for self-aggrandizement, purposeful application of subjective validation for self-importance, and selfish inclinations come into play. On a smaller scale, outside the “fixation fantasies” of politicians in general, reduce the comparison to modern academia.

To that, take the typical faulty meeting. Observe carefully the mixture of pretentious portrayals of credentials. Note the chasm between the real hardcore scientists (biology, chemistry, physics and physiology, etc.), and the softcore or pseudoscientists (criminology, psychology, sociology and theology). The former are scientists, the latter are philosophers. This of course, produces instant emotional reactivity among the nonscientists. Regardless, there are wieners in both groups. Yet, upon closer inspection, it appears the pseudoscientists, some of whom are serious wannabes, are quite indignant if their school of thought is not treated as a “real science”. After all, they assume they have all the answers to the mysterious questions of human behavior. This brief illustration goes to the point in part that being a wiener also reflects ideological perversities.

As to the cause and effect notation, “wienerism” fluctuates along a human continuum of self-indulgence and presumed entitlement. Next faculty, as a side note, observe who needs to ask the most questions, or raise irrelevant issues, especially when it is time to end the meeting. Now compare “wienerism” to the neediness of unwarranted admiration or self-validation. Being a “dick” can be complicated to explain to the totality of the intricate components. Politicians so easily fall into the realm of the wiener. So prevalent during election season is the grandiose sense of self-importance. With the advent of millennials entering politics, it gets comical.

Not in every case or situation, as there are always exceptions to generalizations, but the egoistic fixations of “beauty and brilliance” shines through. Their political role-play fantasies pervade the prime time news with their pretense to entitled ascendency. Exaggerated claims of “open borders”, “immigration reform”, free college education, or easing student debt, and so on, reflect the narcissistic condescension of smug disregard for the voting public. The overwhelming desire to be seen as the one who knows everything, the person to connect with, and the extraordinary fixer of complex problems, speaks volumes of insatiable self-promotion.

Deeper the probing query delves to the far reaches of dogged idyllic sense of entitlement. For the American political aristocracy, assumption of privileged anointing passes from one generation to the next. Offspring sometimes assume they are next to enter the political realm. It is their turn now to “feel the call” to public service. It is something they felt they had to do for the betterment of humankind. Yet, only elected office will do, absent of course, any prior real-world education, experience, training or rough and tumble exposure to reality. Conceit tries to hide deceit.

As entitled nobility, superficiality knows few limits. Likewise, accountability for things said and done, no matter how illicit, ought to be excused because the American people need them. Conventional laws, rules, codes of conduct, and so forth may or may not apply, as these things could get in the way of “getting things done”. Outlandish and lavish displays of personal relevance portrays the dynamics of someone who needs a lot of personal attention.

Although politics is a good source of entertainment for the many dicks clamoring for validation, other walks of like have plenty of dicks. From Hollywood celebrities, to Wall Street financiers, the hot dog stand is alive and well cooked. In particular, movie stars and movie wannabes have ample representation among the film industry’s elite. There is a walking talking wiener everywhere. Talk shows, radio and television news sources present a cast of characters, in which some of them provide active portrayals of wienership. Nothing is completely safe.

Incongruous rhetorical hyperbole flaunts fraudulent conjecture in place of rationally meaningful discourse. Exaggeration, overstatement, and embellishment beyond reason permeates the news and social media to the extreme. For those who indulge in such babbling, it is yet another characteristic of being a wiener. Exposed to someone being a dick seems to be a frequent encounter. In every venue of public experience, whether working, shopping, recreating, or movie going, there is a high probability of an occurrence of the wiener theory. With so many people playing the role of the “offended”, just being a dick, exposure is very likely.

As to an informed and logical interactive discourse, it is as though I.Q.’s have slumped like a downturn in the stock market. Probably more significant than intelligence quotients is the perceived maturity level. As one writer put it, American society appears characterized by increasing expressions of “infantile narcissism”. With adult children, sometimes it is extremely challenging to engage in a profoundly intellectual conversation. For that matter, simply to expect a grownup level of mature civil behavior on the part of those who appear to be adults.

Concerning one writer’s perspective in observing mainstream culture, a kind of “regression to infantile” behavior appears widespread. Such is the expression of some, particularly in the college environment to be hypersensitive and emotional in child-like ways. To have safe places, insulated from harsh realities of the real world, devolves to self-indulgent regression. Likewise, an exaggerated sense of self, especially at a juvenile level, underlies the intentional contrivances to promote and advance one’s personal agenda. As a perpetual selfie of self-promotion, attention-getting antics look for opportunities to exploit on personal “victimization”.

Whatever gambit they are playing, the wiener, or the dick, sometimes standout. He or she will be the person most likely the loudest, outlandish or provocative in a crowd. In a sense, on a very base level of expression, the “hot dog” needs validation. From a variety of sizes, shapes and backgrounds, for the satiation of personal insecurity, validation is important. From a simplistic and unimaginative perspective, they want to be noticed in ways very similar to most politicians in general. Within the scheme of thinking, often contriving deception of themselves, there are the mystical notions of intense cognitive bias. With perseverance, there is the frequent flirtation with self-centered adoration of one’s imagery. For the public official the photo-op is vital, along with superficial facial expressions, shallow smile and insincere handshake.

With the deceptive affect, the disingenuous flare for rhetorical hyperbole and the fixation on self-importance, the modern politician expresses a regression to infantile vanity. Like the kid who never quite got over high school graduation into the real world, the self-admiring absorption avoids the maturity of wiser differentiation. In the commentary of one online politically oriented magazine, for instance, the writer proposes the observation that modern politics is rife with examples of narcissistic behaviors. For contemporary politicians, the writer asserts the very word itself, politician, defines narcissism. Vain, conceited, and selfish, applies widely.

As to that perspective, a more caustic descriptor is the symbolic reference to the wiener. Used as a condescending primal identifier, the hot-dog, the stuffed sausage, the weenie, and given the phallic shape, the dick. Alternatively, applied with a little more disdain, simply being a “prick”. This further suggests the calculated villainy of individuals who think they somehow are the answer to all the social and political ills of society. For them, they alone are the ones who can solve all the problems. It is their time or their turn to change the planet. Because they are so special, at least from their perspective, their ancestry, social status, political “aristocracy”, etc., grants them certain privileges of public office “ownership”. Admiration of self is boundless.

However, the self-aggrandizement does not stop there. Subjective validation for an excessive interest in one’s political arrogance also includes speaking stupidly. Factual reality becomes overwhelmed by specious conjecture based on emotional reactivity. Objectively validated evidence is relegated a subservient role, replaced by unsubstantiated self-serving opinions. Modern politicians say idiotic things on a regular basis. More often than not, they escape accountability. Whether or not they actually believe the foolishness they regurgitate is arguable.

Nonetheless, the stupidity spewed in public is nauseatingly insulting. Grotesque fallacies of inference degenerate into inconsistent hasty generalizations that defy logical explanation. In addition to the intentional ignoring of facts, with a preference for magical thinking, human wieners insist they know what is best for everyone. Even though found predominantly in politics, wieners are found in all places across the social spectrum. Where ever there a people, wieners are readily available to interfere at any given moment. They are more than willing to offer their unsolicited opinions, and promote any gossip that satisfies their advantage over others. The human hotdog relishes in the divisiveness they create by pandering to whatever advances their interests. Unfortunately, human selfishness is part of the devolving consequences for human extinction.

Aside from the socio-political ramifications, the Wiener Theory has an additional sinister and debilitating aspect. According to many reference sources, but one in particular, the “wussification of the U.S.” is the condescending and degrading vector of overly sensitive and emotionally reactive people. Such an atmosphere is destructive and dangerous. Little social advancement is possible. As such, wussification portends toward several humanistic inclinations signaling multiple characteristics of intentional human frailty. Various descriptors come to the forefront. These include, but are not limited to, words like coward, sissy, and wimp. Yet, the underlying framework of wiener theory encompasses the diversity of individual and group shortcomings.

Hidden within the recesses of a crybaby mindset is potential for horrific interpersonal inflictions. Mean-spirited, condescending and divisive, hateful and hypercritical, the social mainstream if filled with egregious displays of animosity. As to wussification, additional depictions comprise things like crybaby, pushover, wimpy, weakling, pansy and so forth. Nonetheless, the protestation against “wimpiness” argues that by various complicities many accept assumptions of exceptional inadequacy. Instead, a gluttonous decadence proclaims the cowardice of intentional maladaptation. The malevolence of infantile narcissism extends adolescence will into adulthood, as the Peter Pansy refuse to grow, change and mature.

Applying the Wiener Theory, emasculated personalities succumb to the seductive wimpiness of anti-intellectualism in favor of emotional insecurity. Likewise, preferring a “dumber downed” framework of simplistic thinking, facts are replaced by fictions, as specious conjecture replaces scientific validation. Intentional gullibility persuades an indifference to logical data in the evidentiary necessity of proof, while foolish fallacies of inference pretend to be reality. Wussy politicians, political supporters, academicians and pundits, to name a few, pontificate one false narrative after another. Rather than assert a rational basis for logical discourse, many would rather rant condescending invectives toward those with whom they disagree.

Cowards come in a sizes and shapes. Fraidy-cats fear the chickens they see in the reflections of themselves. Meanwhile, the regressive notions of anti-social inclinations hasten the drift toward the final exit of an infantile species. To be insulated from reality, the pains and pleasures of life, the suffering and successes, perpetuates cowardly antics that personify child-like behaviors. By protracted adolescence well into adulthood, unhealthy states of non-evolving people persist in adhering to unending states of limited intellectual capacity. The cowardly are everywhere.

In a 1993 treatise on “national cowardice”, an author ponders the erosion of self-respect and personal individuality. Instead, in contemporary America, the mere mention of something akin to “cowardice” finds replacement by such things as “self-esteem”, or feeling good about oneself. Individualism, particularly as related to self-reliance, competence and perseverance, appear permanently damaged. Regressing with each decade, the foolhardy decadence of “sheep-like” behaviors amplifies the neglect of social responsibility to ensure cultural advancement.

As such, the Wiener Theory includes the accusations of a cowardly society and the subsequent betrayal of personal integrity. With that comes the debasing ingredient of purposeful stupidity. Unwise, senseless and imprudent thoughts that become voluntary actions provoking the basis for asinine actions. Acting stupid is a cheap way of evading personal responsibility and hiding from subsequent accountability. Cowards enjoy such infantile narcissism and go to great lengths to avoid growing up as mature adults. It is about being a perpetual phallic symbol.

Avoiding pain and suffering, to relish in comfort and ease, absent any aspect of sacrifice, is what cowards do. Learning from good, bad and horrible experiences are parts of enlightenment as self-evolving life forms. From one source that studies human behavior, people develop by way of a diversity of exposure to sordid harsh realities. Discovery by real-world encounters assists in the development of strategies to cope with varied challenges. In today’s world, some have criticized the excessive sensitivities of many who fear being offended, threatened or otherwise challenged in any manner. In a regressive risk-avoidance culture, eventual collapse looms closer.

For the weenie, under the umbrella of Wiener Theory, cowardice, stupidity and loser thinking degrades social structure. In addition, weak, timid and fearful in transforming life skills into prosocial endeavors, invites the downfall of community, society and nation. For some, America devolved into a “nation of wimps”. Naturally, there are exceptions to wimpiness.

For example, a small percentage of the population chose a different course of action. By contrast, roughly 5{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} of the population dared the bravery in serving community and country. This includes men and women who became first responders and joined the military. Another small percentage, say another 5{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed}, serve valiantly in allied fields of public service. That suggests about 10{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed}, maybe more, pursued “anti-weenie” exceptionality. Regardless of numbers or percentages, a sizeable majority linger in the shadowy collusions of the Wiener Theory.

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