Understanding the Underlying Causes of Stress and Mental Illness in the United States

I really and truly believe that the hardest thing about being human is trying to understand other people. Think about it. With over six billion people on this planet, each of us is a combination of genetics and experiences that blends each one of us into something unique. Another thing that I have noticed is that you can have two people go through the same or similar experience and have two completely different outcomes.

As different as we may all be though, I have come to understand that we’re not really all that different. If you go into the deepest reaches of some jungle and encounter natives with no experience with the outside world, even they wear loin cloths.

I never really thought about it. Wouldn’t they want to go without any clothes, especially if the weather is nice? I mean really? What is the real reason for modesty for them? Even in the jungles, with no one to tell them to do so, they still wear loin cloths.

And then there’s the issue of mental illness. If you simply go by the number and types of drugs dispensed in pharmacies every year, there are approximately 30 million people in the United States who’ve been diagnosed as being mentally ill. This really makes you wonder about our health care system. Are Americans really being taken care of the way they should be?

Let’s not forget Hollywood. After all, it’s populated with so many beautiful and talented, yet unhappy people. It really makes you wonder how those who have everything: money, looks, an adoring public, and things most of us can’t even imagine, are so desperately unhappy to the point they take drugs and sometimes even commit suicide?

This really leads me to believe that if we are to solve these problems and help others, not only do we need to more clearly understand these issues, but we also need to understand what the real solutions to these problems are and stop politicizing them.

Journalist David Kupelian clearly understands the issues and how to solve them. Not only does he show us what the problems are and offers real solutions, but he also demonstrates how to do it with a real understanding of the way things are, and he’s compassionate about it. He covers other topics in this book, but I think you get the picture.

What I liked about this book it that it not only explains the issues with pinpoint accuracy, but it also dispels many of the myths in our society, like boys do better in school while girls are ignored (girls actually do better).

Kupelian has clearly documented the issues in this book and provides plenty of resources you may consult for further study. He also includes an additional chapter for those who want to get involved and put a stop to the destructive forces that are tearing apart America. Well researched and written, this is an engaging and easy to read commentary on the current state of the United States.

Evil isn’t something we want to discuss these days. Many people don’t want to believe it exists, but as Kupelian explains it in his book, it’s something we would all benefit from being aware of.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is frustrated with the changes in American society and want to work to make life here better.

How Evil Works

Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces that Are Transforming America

David Kupelian

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