Vaccination For Dogs – How Often And How Much

Pet lovers do know that it’s very important to actually vaccinate their dogs, however how often and how much are 2 questions which are currently on their brains also on minds of the vet community on the whole. While vets do agree that it’s still vital to give an vaccination to a puppy of 6 weeks for measles and distemper if they didn’t nurse it during the very few hours after the birth and again during their 8, 12, & 16 weeks for Canine Infectious Hepatitis, distemper, Para influenza, Leptospirosis, Corona virus, Parvovirus (DHLPPC), there have been many questions to whether to recommend traditionally (as it is required in some states) annual vaccinations should be given. Puppies are vaccinated for rabies when they are six months old and these, too, are to be repeated every year.

The concerns which some pup owners have are if the repeated vaccinations are needed really necessary and if they are, of any use. They always work by stimulating the immune system of the dog, makes it to produce antibodies for fighting against particular types of viruses and bacteria. By provoking the immune system like this way comes at a cost – the introduction of the agent offending in a form to the pup’s system, which concerns vets and dog lovers alike.

The question on the minds of concerned people are “is it quite dangerous to vaccinate the dog each year repeatedly” and “how much of vaccine should every dog get and how often?” The experts agree that the solution to the 1st question is a big “no.” While there are some rare cases which have become very serious or even dead due to vaccination, there is zero evidence to tell that this practice possess any danger to the pup. The dogs which got affected adversely might have been sick already, unknown to their owners, also they might have had some allergy to a particular part of the vaccination. The solution to the 2nd question is not encouraging as, the fact is; none knows it surely, how much of vaccine is necessary and how must it be given. This is a current topic of much debate and discussion in the vet circles.

The very best advice for dog owners is to continue to give vaccination for their pups according to the local laws and recommendations of their docs. As the yearly vaccines are of no harm to the pups in any way, there is no need for being alarmed and there’s no harm in pursuing the routine till the vet community makes its collective decision that a change is needed with regard to the pup vaccinations.

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