Walking the Walk – Exercise and Weight Loss

Walking the Walk – Exercise and Weight Loss

Weight loss without exercise is like bread without butter. Something is missing. One makes the other.

Walking the Walk – Exercise and Weight Loss

The road to taking exercise is paved with good intentions. It’s so easy to find an excuse for not taking exercise, for not getting off your butt. We are all experts that it.

The thing to remember is that exercise is absolutely essential for effective weight loss, but also for a healthy life. Although life just seems to get in the way when it comes to exercise, doesn’t it? If you want to achieve lasting weight loss, then you have two take a decision that you’re going to make time to exercise and just get on with it. No excuses. Just do it!

The message is simple of you want to shed pounds and enjoy the rewards, to be healthier and live longer, you need to take exercise. The best thing to do is to make an exercise plan. A plan is essential to keep you up to the mark. If you are too casual about your exercise and there is no structure for you to follow, it won’t happen.

There are three types of exercise that you need to put into your plan. Aerobic, resistance and flexibility. Aerobic exercise is probably the most important, and if you’re trying to lose weight at least one hour’s aerobic exercise a day is what you should be aiming to achieve. You need to approach this gradually. The best form of exercise? The simplest and easiest is walking. This does not mean strolling, it means deliberate walking: if you do this run every day it will burn calories.

If you do your exercise plan properly, it will be a blueprint you can use for the rest of your life. The health benefits that you will enjoy by having a proper plan will be enormous. Don’t underestimate this. Your health is determined by your actions, not by other people’s. The buck definitely stops with you. Pick up this challenge and go with it. It will be one of the wisest things you ever do.

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