Weight Management Made Easy

My entire life has been a roller coaster of trying to lose and maintain my weight. I have struggled from a child to keep my weight down. I loved bread, sugar, and anything that was fried. I had a hard time controlling these cravings. Finally when I was 38, I found something that totally changed my life. I have lost 80 pounds and even had baby #6 after losing the weight and then was able to get back to my pre-baby weight again. I have still been in total shock over this awesome transformation. Now, I have to say this is not a quick fix, but it is the easiest thing I have ever tried and it works. So let me tell you what I did and the program that worked for me.

This is called the Burn, Balance, and Build program.

BURN: Enhance Metabolism and Energize

The one of the thing I have a hard time with is exercise, but I found an easy way to exercise that works great for me. I started wearing a fit bit and walk 10,000 steps everyday. They say that 10,000 steps amounts to 30 minutes of cardio. I will walk while I read, fold clothes, I take out the trash, everything I do I try to do extra steps. That has been the easiest thing to do.

BALANCE: Breakdown fats, balance blood sugar, boost mood and curb cravings

The next thing is balance. I am not good at balancing anything. I can go overboard in so many directions, but this is one thing that I did that worked great. This is not about counting calories or choosing certain amounts of food. This is so simple. At each meal you will eat: 1 protein, 1 vegetable, and 1 fruit. It is that simple. Now you notice this does not have any breads or pasta, but the one really great thing about this plan is that you can eat as much of these 3 items you want until you are full. It has to the same size portions of each item.

BUILD: D-limonene, superoxide dismutase, polyphenols, and carotenoids are all naturally occurring antioxidants that helps to support your immune system. Without a healthy immune system, it is hard to have a successful weight loss effort. Before I started losing weight, I stayed sick and it made it even harder to lose. After I found this program, I was able to support my immune system and all areas of our body which made losing weight so much easier. Antioxidants also reduce cellular inflammation and oxidation and helps to build overall health. With all the toxins and chemicals contained in our foods in the world around us, we need all the help we can get to support our health in any way we can.

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