What Does a Healthy Diet Consist Of?

What Does a Healthy Diet Consist Of?

Many diets today will include lots of fruits and vegetables, of course, and the occasional sweet treat which will be plant based. I am not saying you have to give up meat altogether to go on a diet, but you do have to make some sacrifices. One should really watch one’s intake when eating things that are dead.

When dieting cooking is always a major factor cause. When you cook you add so much fat – an example would be salt, butter, etc, it’s best to avoid frying altogether. So what does a healthy diet consist of? I’ll tell you what it does not consist of and that’s oil. Try to avoid this dangerous liquid at all costs, so that means no salad dressings or any other foods that add this , and yes tuna fish is one of them.

Speaking of Tuna, I like to make tuna fish sandwiches. When dieting one must watch what one shoves in one’s mouth. I try to stay away from plain white braid and only buy whole wheat and/or multi-grain. The same could be said about Pasta or any other grain, and not only is it good for you, it has lots of nutrients as well, so it is a win win.

So now we know what a healthy diet consist of, but let’s take a look at what it does not consist of and that is junk food, but this should be obvious. So no more trips to your favorite fast food place or eating at the mall unless it is low in fat. Oh, and one more thing – make sure to drink lots of water and stay clear of sugar and caffeine.

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What Does a Healthy Diet Consist Of?

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