Your Personal Health and Lifestyle Agenda for 2017

Your Personal Health and Lifestyle Agenda for 2017

Part I

The most popular excuse for not committing to New Year resolutions is lack of time, a form of resistance that could be lessened by providing relevant information. Your Personal Agenda (PA) 2017 is a tool designed to invite you to create and build your road to success for 2017. For best results, your performances are optimized when corresponding to your level of prevention. This article introduces the concept of your Personal Agenda for 2017. Specific steps consist of assessing your objectives, planning, establishing a personalized blueprint, a daily formula, and implementing your resolutions.


The Health Prevention Model classified three degrees of physical illness.

Primary Prevention – A person has no symptoms.

Secondary Prevention – A person is at risk, symptoms appear.

Tertiary Prevention – Symptoms are fully blown.

Your Personal Agenda objectives are based on your self-assessment:

Primary Prevention (P1) – You are healthy and happy.

Secondary Prevention (P2) – You have concerns about your wellness.

Tertiary Prevention (P3) – You are diagnosed with one or more conditions: Your life needs adjustments.

Be reassured that your success is not based on your level of prevention, but on the belief that you can and want to improve your life, regardless of your level.

I propose corresponding objectives: physical objective (PO), emotional (EO), social (SO), and a work objective (WO), an extension of SO – objectives to be applied to a level of prevention in your blueprint.


Get a notebook or a journal, your PA 2017 to be. Some recommendations apply to everyone. Guidance for personalization is included under Daily Formula.

Getting ready for your PA 2017 probably involves changes. Changes are often challenging. There is no urgency to start until you are ready. Before starting, prepare for changes according to your personal readiness and your PA 2017. There is no time limit, no right or wrong. Each step is a little success towards a satisfying result.


The blueprint defines your physical, emotional, and social situations. Perform your self-assessment. Record your results (PA 2017).

Physical Objective (PO)

PO1 – You are satisfied with your physical appearance and your health.

PO2 – You need to lose or gain a few pounds or may be at risk of developing a health problem.

PO3 – You have developed a serious condition affecting your physical appearance. (Obesity? Anorexia? Bulimia? Skin disorder?)

Emotional Objective (EO)

EO1 – You feel mostly emotionally balanced and happy.

EO2 – You feel okay but occasionally experience emotional ups and downs.

EO3 – You feel mostly depressed and/or experience extreme mood swings.

Social Objectives (SO)

SO1 – You are satisfied with your familial/personal relationships and your circle of friends.

SO2 – Your familial/personal relationships or your circle of friends need improvements.

SO3 – You feel lonely and/or misunderstood.

Work Objectives (SO)

WO1 – You are satisfied with your educational/professional achievements.

WO2 – Work is okay, it pays the bills, but…

WO3 – You are totally dissatisfied with your educational/professional achievements.

Select your level of prevention that best defines each objective. Enter it in your PA 2017.

Daily Formula

Guidelines are based on your circadian cycle (24-hour), a sort of body regulator based on physiological, environmental, and cultural preferences.

Thus, purchase a notebook to design your PA 2007. Assess your level of prevention in function of your objectives. Observe your circadian cycle. Next article will focus on establishing your Daily Formula.

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