Bodybuilding Recipes – Easy to Make High Protein Dessert

Bodybuilding Recipes – Easy to Make High Protein Dessert

When creating a dessert for your bodybuilding meal plan, always understand the need to minimize sugars and fast acting carbohydrates. A perfect dessert which is easy to make is a high protein chocolate pudding. It minimizes sugar intake, limits fast acting carbohydrates and is nearly fat free.


– Chocolate Whey protein (2 Scoops)

– Skim Milk (1 Full Cup)

– Water (1 Full Cup)

– Instant Pudding (Preferably Jell-O or Jell-O equivalent)

Three Steps for an Easy High Protein Dessert

In a mixing bowl whisk the water, milk, and pudding mix for 2 to 3 minutes. Try to ensure the ingredients are well mix.

– Add your 2 scoops of protein, mixing as you add. Ensure a nice consistency.

– Once all your ingredients are mixed thoroughly, pour them into a dish of your choosing and refrigerate. It should take 5 to 10 minutes to cool.

Nutritional Value

The full dessert listed above will have approximately 50 to 60 grams of protein, 500 to 600 calories and 80 – 100 grams of carbohydrates. Fats are only 1 – 2 grams


Although the above recipe is a delicious dessert that should be able to fit in any meal plan, there are also additional changes that can be made to it’s flavor profile. Should your macronutrient or caloric intake allow you to, you can add the following to your high protein pudding. Warning, it cannot be emphasized enough that prior to adding these additional foods to your high protein pudding, ensure you are not going over your recommend daily caloric and macronutrient needs.

Additions for increased macronutrients and flavor profile

Half a cup of peanuts

Half a cup of Almonds

Quarter cup dark chocolate chunks


One of the benefits of creating a high protein pudding is the fact that so many protein powders and puddings come in different flavor profiles. Using the same metrics from above, mix and match protein shakes and pudding flavors to change your bodybuilding desserts from time to time. Some changes include:

– Vanilla Pudding/Vanilla Protein

– Vanilla Pudding/Banana Cream Protein Shakes

– Chocolate Pudding/Double Chocolate Protein Shakes

– Chocolate Pudding/Peanut butter Protein Shakes


Most bodybuilding meal plans aim for their users to consume 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Although proven through numerous studies to assist in building muscle and burning fat, this form of diet can become monotonous and boring extremely quickly. This normally causes dieters to fall off their diet prior to reaching their body composition goals. Most dieters consistently use protein shakes, canned tuna and lean meats to reach their protein quotas. Using tips similar to the one used above to create delicious high protein meals can help ensure that your adherence to a high protein diet.

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