Quick and Easy Ways To Naturally Prevent and Treat Colds, The Flu and Sinusitis

Quick and Easy Ways To Naturally Prevent and Treat Colds, The Flu and Sinusitis

When flu time arrives, we’re besieged with the pressure of whether or not to get the flu shot. If you find yourself wondering if there are any real alternatives out there, then this article is for you.

Homeopathic vaccinations are an attractive and highly effective alternative to conventional vaccinations. According to Dr. Isaac Golden (Head of the School of Holistic Medicine in Australia), homeopathic vaccinations have historically a 90{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} + success rate.

Homeopathic vaccines are normally taken sublingually (under the tongue) or in water, and the dosage contains a diluted yet potentized amount of the vaccine or remedy. This allows you to assimilate the remedy without shock or side effects. It triggers your body’s natural defense mechanism which begins to manufacture anti-bodies that in turn will combat the actual flu virus.

Keep in mind that no one system of vaccination can provide a 100{44f93193654ee8e357ba54f38b49cfc3563b7d623a8103b2d4e387aa181f7fed} guarantee of protection – lifestyles and predisposition affects that.

If at any time you’re doubtful on what choice to make, research everything you can find on regular vaccines and natural alternatives, then go with your instinct – your mind has a powerful influence on your health – in the end you must do what resonates with you.

What To Take To Prevent The Flu:

1) Influenzinum, the homeopathic flu vaccine,is usually prescribed by homeopathic physicians during the course of flu season. The dosage is tailored for you based on your constitution and whether or not you you’re susceptible to catching colds and the flu. See a homeopath to get dosed or use Homeocoksinum or Oscillococcinum as a precaution

2) Take 2,000 mg of Vitamin C capsules daily (for adults). This will boost your immune system. Vitamin C has proven to be a powerful virus fighter. Children can take 500 mg of Vitamin C daily, especially during flu season.

3) Take 2,000 IU of Vitamin D daily for adults and 400 IU daily for children, especially if you live in areas which tend to get less sunshine during the winter months. South Asians in particular have more melanin levels which limits the body’s ability to produce Vitamin D3.

4) Drink 2-3 litres of plain water spread out over the day and add a pinch of sea salt to meals. This will help thin and flush out mucus and decrease sinus congestion as well as balancing cell integrity to keep your system healthy on a daily basis. If you don’t drink this recommended amount already, then increase your daily intake of drinking water very slowly until your kidneys have had a chance to catch up. As well, never drink a litre or more of water at one sitting. Coffee and alcohol are dehydrating, so enjoy in moderation and hydrate afterward!

5) Take daily multivitamins (both children and adults).

6) Make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep a night.

7) Do your best to keep your working hours (including computer, blackberry and iPhone time) limited to a healthy work-life balance.

What To Do if You Catch the Flu:

There are two over-the-counter homeopathic kits which are great to keep in your home health kit: Homeocoksinum or Oscillococcinum. They are good for both adults and children. They match general flu symptoms: aching, fever, headache, stiffness, shivers, cough, runny nose and congestion. These remedies have been proven to cut the flu short and lessen the symptom intensity if taken within the first 48 hours of symptoms.

1) Homeocoksinumor Oscillococcinum. Dose: The contents of 1/2 tube under the tongue, then repeat two to three times, 8 hours apart (so 1.5-2 tubes to be taken in total). Repeat the next day.

2) For children with nasal symptoms during the flu, use a natural nasal spray containing sea water, such as HydraSense mist. A 2008 study in the Czech Republic showed a significant improvement in flu nasal symptoms for children using such a spray.

3) Take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C every waking hour for the first 2 days (or until loose bowels are experienced), then wean down to 3,000 mg daily until the end of April. After April, wean back down to 2,000 mg a day and maintain at this dose.

4) Take plenty of liquids. Avoid anything with sugar, although fruits and hot water+honey+lemon is fine.

5) Ginger tea is excellent for boosting your immune system. Chop an inch or two of fresh ginger and heat it on High in a full saucepan of water. Once it boils, let it simmer for 10-15 minutes, then strain and drink as is or with some honey. Caution: It’s spicy!

Homeopathy works beautifully if you have already contracted the flu. There are many effective remedies such as Gelsemium for the classic flu when the weather changes. However as most people have slightly different symptoms other than the general symptoms, for best results it’s recommended to see a classical homeopath who will prescribe a remedy based on your full symptom picture. As well, continued homeopathic treatment will raise your defenses naturally, leading to less susceptibility and a healthier overall system over the years.

Where to find homeopathic flu vaccines:

Most homeopaths offer flu vaccines (along with travel and childhood disease vaccines). Look for a classical homeopath in your area and consider treating your family yearly. Homeokoksinum and Oscillococcsinum can be ordered online or picked up at most health stores.

Sinusitis (Sinus Infection and Inflammation):

It is very common for sinus sufferers to experience sinus congestion, inflammation and infections along with cold and flu symptoms. They can also be triggered by allergies and the infections may be either viral, bacterial or, more commonly as reported by The Mayo Clinic, fungal.

Some tips to keep your sinuses clear:

1) Follow the steps for preventing the flu above.

2) At the first sign of congestion, use a neti pot, Grossan sinus irrigator, Sinupulse irrigator or a saline flush like hydraSense or Neilmed to irrigate your nostrils. They are very effective when used right away.

As sinus symptoms are generally chronic and come back repeatedly, a homeopath can work with you to treat any underlying condition. If you aren’t able to locate a homeopath in your area, use my tips above and visit my website for more ideas.

To your health,

Priya Davies

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